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May 21, 2018   -   Author:

Why property is still a good investment, play Monopoly and find out!

Are you seriously considering selling your rental property?

Right, so I referred to Monopoly in the title of this blog to see how the property market can give us financial security. How fun and exciting is it when you build a Property Portfolio on a board game, and then imagine how exciting it is to do in real life?

Today I wanted to write a short blog on Property as an investment. With a number of Landlords considering selling their assets as a result of the Tax Duty changes in relation to interest repayments and the cost of borrowing not being tax deductable by April 2020, ask yourself, where else can you generate a secure income, and benefit from Capital appreciation at the same time year on year?

It is safe to say, I think a lot of today’s Landlords who do decide to sell, will be kicking themselves in years to come, and so will their children (if they have any)!
With Property in the UK always being at the center of our economic, financial and future interests, and with a Government target of at least 200,000 new homes every year until 2020, it is clear that the demand for housing in the country continues to grow.

In the last 10 years, the private rented sector (PRS) has rarely been out of the public eye. Once a small proportion of the housing market catering for a specific need, the number of households in the PRS in England more than doubled in the past 20 years. London’s PRS doubled in just over a decade and continues to rise; 40% of London’s households could be private renters by 2030.

So, the demand for housing is obvious, and the demand for the PRS is ever growing, so why sell? The higher the demand, the higher the price.

If you invest wisely, and invest as per your demographic of the type of Tenant you wish to attract, coupled with the property and Tenancy itself being managed correctly, Property will always be an investment which is difficult to compete with.

We assist a number of investors and Landlords find and maximize their investments, so why not be the next?

For more information on how we can assist with managing your property, or simply advising on where and how to invest, please feel free to contact us via telephone on 0207 323 9574, or alternatively via email at and one of our dedicated Property consultants will be delighted to help.

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