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August 8, 2017   -   Author:

less house, more home – make your rental property your home sweet home

many people think decorating a rented property isn’t easy, but there are plenty of ways you can make it feel more homely and add your little touches!

  • bed linen

it’s surprising what a difference a good set of bed lining can make to a room. most rental properties are designed with very neutral colours, so add a bit of sunshine with some bright colours or a design that you love! and trust me; spending that little bit extra will pay off. you’ll be truly grateful for a nice cosy bed in the winter.

  • plants

put some life into your living space! adding plants and flowers to your property is an affordable way to make it feel more like a home rather than a house. it’s one of my most favourite ways to brighten up rooms and the colour really helps to create a feel good atmosphere. you can also create an indoor herb garden – when it comes to renting in london, outdoor space is quite something of a luxury. potting herbs indoors is a simple way to bring greenery but it is also super convenient when you’re cooking away and fancy grabbing some fresh herbs to pop into the dishes!

  • lighting

good lighting can make or break the ambience of a room. lamps, candles and fairy lights are a great way to create a really relaxed vibe. i absolutely love candles; i’m a great believer that light and fragrance are the most effective and easiest way to improve your home’s mood and ambience.

  • rugs

it’s all about the rugs! not only are they super comfortable but they can add to the décor of any room and in many different ways, what’s not to love? if you’re renting a property and you’re not a fan of the flooring then this is a blessing in disguise.

  • art

of course, many rented properties will not allow you to put up art if it creates holes in the walls. however, art will always find a way. who said it has to be on the walls anyway, you can display art and decorative pieces on shelves, on the top of cabinets, fireplace mantel – no excuses. you can also place large canvas or big mirrors from the floor up. put your heart into art!

our surroundings have a huge effect on our mood. don’t let renting a property take away your aspirations to design, it’s surprising what a sprinkle of imagine can do!


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