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May 28, 2018   -   Author:

5 top tips on how to add value to your home

Are you considering putting your property on the market For Sale and want to know how to maximize it’s value and secure a buyer as soon as possible?

Below I have listed 5 top tips on how you can improve your property value and give yourself the best chance of securing a buyer as soon as possible:

1. Let the Light In
Improve the natural lighting in your house where possible, this will help enhance the feeling of your home. A room that is airy with an abundance of natural light is always more inviting.

2. Neutral Wall Colours
If you love red or royal purple, remember, not everyone one else will! Make sure to paint your house with neutral colours as this will help a broader range of buyers envision themselves living in your property – the idea is to minimize the use of any prospective buyers’ imagination as possible.

3. Upgrade the Bathroom
When starting such a significant task of renovation (or light renovation), remember that other than extensive works such as extensions or loft conversions, the bathroom and kitchen of a home is where most value can be added. If you do not wish to carry out any major works such as stripping out and fitting a completely new bathroom, at least ensure that the bathroom is re grouted, replace any stained glass, paint, remove all rust stains and re silicone where necessary. It’s a lot more pleasing for buyers to view a well maintained home than one that is run down and dirty.

4. Floor Matters
Upgrading your floor does not have to be expensive, the most important thing is to make sure your floor is presentable. Patching damaged floorboards, upgrading broken tiles and a professional clean and shampoo of all carpets are some affordable and effective methods in making sure your floor represents as well as it possibly can. You can’t hide a damaged or dirty floor!

5. The Entrance – first impressions are hard to change
The main entrance to the house can make a fascinating statement. If you do not wish to change your front door altogether, then i’d suggest sanding it down, and repainting it (in a neutral colour), after all, first impressions are difficult to change.

Without the use of major construction works, the 5 tips above, I feel, are the least expensive to carry out which help maximize the value of your home and secure a buyer as soon as possible.

I would also suggest that when choosing the agent to sell your home, look at the way they are marketing their existing listings and ask yourself, if that was your home, would you be happy if that was the effort they put in to try and sell your home? Or even ask yourself, if you were a buyer, would you buy it?

Other questions to ask yourself are; does it stand out from the rest? Has professional photography been used? Are they showing a floorplan? Is the description sufficient? Do they mention the amazing school that is around the corner, or the great transport links or the huge park on your doorstep? Remember, people aren’t just buying a property, they are investing in the area (the property is located in) too.

At mi homes, we take great care in the way in which we market our Clients Properties as we feel this is an essential way of grabbing prospective buyers attention, standing our from our options and achieving maximum value.

If you are considering selling your property, feel free to give me or any of our other property consultants a call on 020 7323 9574 as we’d be delighted to assist you.

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