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May 24, 2018   -   Author:

5 Reasons Why High Street Estate Agents are Better Than Internet Estate Agents

There doesn’t seem to be a week going by that a new online call centre based estate agency opens offering ‘unbelievable services at quarter of the price’, implying their service is just as good as the so called ‘expensive’ high street agents.

1. Online Agents are not No Sale No Fee. On the face of it, a similar service for a quarter of the price sounds fantastic! Who doesn’t want to spend less on agent fees when trying to sell their home? Yes, the fee is lower, but you will have to pay it upfront (or defer it for up to 10 months but still have to pay) whether your property sells or not.

2. Online Agents Hidden Extras. The eye-catching low fees for these call-centre online agents are, on the outside, attractive, but when you dig a little deeper, you find that the low fee is not all it appears to be. Add-ons can include extra for paying accompanied viewings, floor plans, listing on Rightmove or being forced to use their call centre solicitors at the other end of the Country.

3. Experienced Estate Agents
Call centre online agents are what they say they are on the tin – online, and the majority, if not all of your negotiations and communications will be with the folks in the agent’s national call centre. Do you want the sale of your largest asset handled by someone sitting in a call centre 200 miles away from the property as they attempt to sell? I have to ask, how can these online agents know about your home, school catchment areas etc?

4. Local Knowledge of your local area
If you’re selling your home, it pays to choose an agent with local knowledge of the local market. Every high Street agent is aware of local market trends and most importantly, sensible pricing structures for the area.

5. Getting the Best Price for Your Home
The High Street agent fee is a huge incentive for them to get it right for you – first time. At mi homes, we meet all of our clients to discuss a realistic market price for their property. We never offer to market properties for more than their true market value – a ploy some online call centre based estate agents do in an attempt to win your property – but this guarantees that when your property does go onto the market for the first time (the most important time), it gets little or no interest as buyers know their prices and can’t be fooled. Our fee ensures that you receive the very best service from us – it is totally in our best interest to find the most suitable buyer for your home and get them to pay the best price for it.

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